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Articles and Books - Added Alan Gray's new Cave Rescue on Mendip book as PDF download

Articles and Books Original Articles This section contains original articles of spelaeological interest [An overview of the archaeology of Mendip caves and karst] by Vince Simmonds (revised 2016). [Swildon's - What's in a name?] A Suggestion for the derivation of the name Swildon's by R. M. Taviner [The Great Wheel Pit Mystery] by R. M. Taviner [The Sandford Gulf and other lost caves of Sandford Hill] by R. M. Taviner

Latest News & Updates - [Latest News & Updates]

Latest News & Updates 11 Sep 2019 - ATLAS logs from 2002-2008 recovered from the lost ThrupeLite website added to the digging log archive. 03 Jan 2019 - Collated report for 2018 added to the ATLAS digging log archive. 18 Aug 2018 - Dave Yeandle's caving log books uploaded. Additional material added to the