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Secret of explosive volcanism unlocked

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When will the next eruption take place? Examination of samples from Indonesia's Mount Merapi show that the explosivity of stratovolcanoes rises when mineral-rich gases seal the pores and microcracks in the uppermost layers of stone. These findings result in new possibilities for the prediction of an eruption.

Megadrought likely triggered the fall of the Assyrian Empire

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The Neo-Assyrian Empire, centered in northern Iraq and extending from Iran to Egypt -- the largest empire of its time -- collapsed after more than two centuries of dominance at the fall of its capital, Nineveh, in 612 B.C.E. Despite a plethora of cuneiform textual documentation and archaeological excavations and field surveys, archaeologists and historians have been unable to explain the abruptness and finality of the historic empire's collapse.

Articles and Books - Added Alan Gray's new Cave Rescue on Mendip book as PDF download

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Articles and Books Original Articles This section contains original articles of spelaeological interest [An overview of the archaeology of Mendip caves and karst] by Vince Simmonds (revised 2016). [Swildon's - What's in a name?] A Suggestion for the derivation of the name Swildon's by R. M. Taviner [The Great Wheel Pit Mystery] by R. M. Taviner [The Sandford Gulf and other lost caves of Sandford Hill] by R. M. Taviner