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New Members weekend

Over the weekend of 5th/6th November 2016, we are hosting an event for prospective new members to try caving. Oh, and so that you can find out what makes the Shepton the best caving club on Mendip 

What’s happening?

We will be leading trips to a variety of Mendip caves on the Saturday and Sunday. There will be something for everyone, including exploratory trips for novices and sporting trips for more experienced cavers. There will also be a communal meal at the Club hut on Saturday night, with beer and general revelry...

Can I come if I’ve never been caving before?


New Member’s Weekend 2016

On the weekend of 5th/6th November 2016, we hosted an event for prospective new members, click here to see the 2016 flyer which was a most enjoyable event had by all who were there.

If you were not able to make weekend, then don’t worry meeting and caving with the Shepton can be done all year and is not restricted to a single weekend event, click here to contact our Membership Secretary, Andy.

The weekend was open to anyone who wanted to try caving and find out what makes the Shepton the best caving club on Mendip . It offered the opportunity for an experienced caver looking for a friendly local club, someone who’s coming back to the sport after a break, or just someone who’s up for an adventure to meet us.

FAQ information for the event can be found at FAQs page

How to find us

From the A39 going north out of Wells take the Priddy Road (left turn westwards) towards Priddy. Pass the Hunters’ Lodge Inn crossroads. A few hundred yards further on is a garage on the right followed by a row of houses. At the end of the row is a telegraph pole with a piece of reflective tape on it. Turn right here up a track and head into the car park.