New Members weekend

Over the weekend of 5th/6th November 2016, we are hosting an event for prospective new members to try caving. Oh, and so that you can find out what makes the Shepton the best caving club on Mendip 

What’s happening?

We will be leading trips to a variety of Mendip caves on the Saturday and Sunday. There will be something for everyone, including exploratory trips for novices and sporting trips for more experienced cavers. There will also be a communal meal at the Club hut on Saturday night, with beer and general revelry...

Can I come if I’ve never been caving before?

Yes, the weekend is open to everyone. If you haven't caved before then just let us know and we'll look after you. Please remember though that we are not an adventure sports company - if you'd prefer a taster session with a qualified instructor then we recommend contacting Andy Sparrow at CaveClimb.

Do I need to have my own caving kit?

No, but it would be helpful if you can bring old warm clothes (fleece and polypro is great, no cotton T-shirts or jeans) that you don't mind getting muddy, gloves (the gardening type are fine), and wellies. If you have a caving or climbing helmet then bring that too. We can provide caving suits, helmets and lights for a small fee - just let us know in advance.

What else do I need to bring?

A snack (e.g. chocolate bar) and towel and change of clothes are a good idea. Toiletries too if you want a hot shower afterwards. You're welcome to cave with us on the Saturday and/or Sunday, and to bring a sleeping bag and stay over in our lovely cosy hut!

Do I need insurance to go caving?

Yes, but don't worry, you will be covered by the Club's third party liability insurance cover. 

Can I bring my son / daughter too?

We very much welcome families to our Club but for practical reasons this new members meet is limited to those 18+. If you'd like to bring your son or daughter caving then get in touch and we'll be happy to arrange a trip on another weekend.

Where are you?

Our Club HQ is on the top of Mendip, about a mile east of Priddy, Grid Reference ST 544 505. From the A39 going north out of Wells take the Priddy Road (left turn westwards) towards Priddy. Pass the Hunters’ Lodge Inn crossroads. A few hundred yards further on is a garage on the right followed by a row of houses. At the end of the row is a telegraph pole with a piece of reflective tape on it. Turn right here up a track and head into the car park.

Great, how do I sign-up?

Places are limitedTo reserve yours, click here to contact Andy our the membership secretary , He'll also be pleased to answer any further questions that you might have.