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Mendip Underground Edition 5

Fourteen years since the last edition of Mendip Underground, A Caver's Guide, comes Edition 5, a thoroughly revised and updated edition including over thirty new entries, compiled and edited by Alan Gray, Rob Taviner and Richard Witcombe.
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Deepest cave in Thailand

There are early reports that members of the SMCC have recorded the deepest cave in Thailand. Vertical depth is around 305 metres including a 109 metre free hanging pitch. Andy Manners was first down the pitch, 125m total with a 109m free hang. It drops to a big chamber with two routes leading off which meet near a short unexplored drop. The Cave has a lot more depth potential. Also, a 7m pitch approx half way down the cave on the way to the big pitch was left when a 3m drop was encountered. The passage looks as if it continues. Click here to view the survey.

Old Rats Piss

A limited edition celebration ale to the life of Tony 'Jrat' Jarratt.