Publication entries (e.g. Journals and Occasional publications).

Journal series 11, contents and abstracts

Title: Shepton Mallet Caving Club Expedition Report, Thailand, February 2002
Author(s): Ellis, M., King, S., Waters, E., Barrett, D, Fitch, T.
Journal Series 11, Number 1, Spring 2002, page(s) 1-29
Abstract: This is the report of the club's 2002 expedition to Thailand.  In Khon San District, Chaiyaphum Province, several leads from the 2000 expedition were followed up including the Ban Tham Ngoem Resurgence Cave. In Umphang District, Tak Province, work continued in Tham Takobi and Tham Mutalu.  Tham Loe Pu and Tham Tan Sa Na were explored and surveyed.
Title: Developments in Expedition Cave Surveying
Author(s): Collett, P., Ellis, M., Waters, E.
Journal Series 11, Number 2, Autumn 2002, page(s) 34-61

Journal series 10, contents and abstracts

Title: An Index to the Shepton Mallet Caving Club Journals Series 1 to 9
Author(s): Irwin, Dave
Journal Series 10, Number 1, Winter 1997, page(s) 1-15
Abstract: Series 1 to Series 9 of the Journal and Occasional Publications Nos. 1 to 8 are indexed by author, cave and subject. There is also a list of the publication dates and editors.
Title: A Caver's Memoirs: Part 2. More Box and Swildon's
Author(s): Beckett, N.
Journal Series 10, Number 1, Winter 1997, page(s) 16-21
Abstract: The author gives highlights of his caving trips between 1993 and 1996 in Mendip, South Wales and Yorkshire
Title: Southampton University Caving Club Expedition 1996, Ardeche, France
Author(s): Waters, E., Davey, A.
Journal Series 10, Number 1, Winter 1997, page(s) 22-39